Soiled linen is picked up in carts from each hotel. Carts are tagged by property for account segregation.

A well maintained fleet of vans and cargo vehicles pick up and deliver rooms linen, uniforms and guest orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Together with each hotel we mutually agree on pick-up and delivery times.

Our cargo vans usually pick usually pick up and deliver one hotel at a time.

Soiled linen is tagged by account, weighed, entered electronically into our tracking system and staged for sorting by classification.

Each hotel is handled separately though the entire process.

Items are sorted by different classifications into sling bags, weighed for appropriate load size and computer staged for washing in overhead soil rails.

Each accounts’ items are pre-programmed to automatically feed the tunnel washers by item and account until each account has been completely pulled from storage.

Ecolab Chemicals, a recognized and trusted vendor in the hospitality industry, assists in providing wash formulas for each item and by hotel to maximize exceptional quality.

Each chemical is programmed to deliver the right quantity at the appropriate time in the wash cycle.

All items are conditioned or dried before moving to clean storage area for final finishing.

Every item is inspected for quality control purposes. Rejected items are separated for re-wash. All discard items are bagged, tagged and returned to each customer.

All items are ironed and/or folded, counted and packed into customer identified carts.

The ironing line can handle todays extra wide sheets to round table linen. The folders can process hand towels to large pool and spa towels.

Carts are weighed, tags that indicate quantity counts and weight of each classification.

Carts are then staged by account for return delivery to each customer.